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New Patients

New patients will generally be seen in one of Dr. Schwartz’s outpatient offices.

Prior to your visit

You will be contacted to have lab work performed in advance of your visit.  If you have not been advised of the required lab tests by 10 days prior to your visit, please contact the office (see Clinical Practice tab for phone numbers) for clarification. Please complete these tests even if you have recently been for sent for lab work by another physician – our office will be requesting tests that are specific to the problem for which you have been referred.

If you go for any additional tests (blood work, x-rays or ultrasounds) before your visit, please request a copy of the results be sent to Dr Daniel Schwartz, MSP #29563. Please specify that all lab tests be transmitted electronically (via Excelleris).

If you are seen by any other physicians, please ask them to send a copy of any reports to the attention of Dr Daniel Schwartz.

What to Bring

Please bring the following to your appointment:

1. A clearly written list of all your medications include name, dose and frequency (eg Metoprolol 50 mg twice per day).  Please also bring the actual medications you take (as long as they don’t require refrigeration) so that Dr. Schwartz can read the labels directly if necessary.

2.  A record of your blood pressure measured in the doctor’s office, as well as measures outside the doctor’s office (either at home or in a pharmacy).  Please record the time and date the blood pressure was measured.

3. If you have diabetes, please bring a record of any blood sugar levels that you measure at home.

Goals of your assessment

The most common reason to be referred to Dr. Schwartz is for reduced kidney function. In these cases, your assessment will focus on 3 areas:

1. Determining the cause of your reduced kidney function

2. Preventing further loss of kidney function

3. Managing and preventing complications of kidney dysfunction

Other reasons you may be referred to Dr. Schwartz include blood in the urine, protein in the urine, prevention of future kidney stones, difficult to treat high blood pressure and disorders of blood chemistry.